Advanced Battery Management: Recent Advances and Future Innovations

Pre-Conference Workshop at the 59th IEEE Conference on Decision & Control


Battery energy storage systems are rising as the backbone of numerous industrial and civilian systems, playing a key role in moving the world into a clean energy era. Their performance and safety critically rely on advanced battery management, which has attracted considerable research, particularly from the systems and control community, in the past decade. The growing efforts have led to tremendous progresses in leveraging control theory to enable complex, high-performing battery systems in a broad range of application domains. The developments in turn continuously stimulate exciting insights into emerging challenges. This workshop will gather veteran researchers in this vibrant field to share up-to-date advances and perspectives about future innovations. It also aims to foster a creative space for open discussions among participants, which will spark innovative ideas and inspirations about future control-theory-driven battery management.

The workshop will feature ten speakers working extensively in this field and representing diverse backgrounds across academia and industry. The talks will cover various key dimensions of this field, highlighting a confluence of electrochemical modeling, control theory, machine learning and applications. The IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, as the premier annual gathering of the systems and control community, is a perfect venue for the proposed workshop.